Events to Commemorate with Your Everscape

Events to Commemorate with Your Everscape

Life is a celebration, and it’s important to remember the moments that make it special. Sometimes we need to capture special moments to help preserve and keep their essence alive. Having physical reminders of special occasions allows us to reminisce and take a trip down memory lane.

Taking a picture is easy nowadays, but being able to preserve it in a manner that depicts it uniquely is something altogether different. A picture can convey a thousand words, but having something that draws you closer to it is rare.

Can a Picture Make a Special Occasion Timeless?


When the realization hits that you’ve found “the one,” it’s only natural to think about the way in which you’ll pop the question… or be asked it! The place and the manner can be simple or extravagant, but it will speak to your love in a way only the two of you will be able to appreciate.
Having a solid and substantial reminder of this moment on your nightstand or someplace intimate in your home is personal. It can remind you both about the magic that brought this love together and become a permanent testament to the important decision you both made.
A display on an office desk or bookshelf can help make a room special and show people what you care about. It’s your marker to show the world where your journey with this person began, and it’s exceptional. It can also be a perfect anniversary present where the day is celebrated, and a special moment is kindled.

Weddings or Civil Unions

Finding that special person to spend the rest of your life with is a gift. Making this commitment is so important that we want to share this with the people in our life. When two become one it’s something to celebrate, because they decided to go on life’s journey together no matter what.
Having wedding pictures are important, and we often go to great lengths to hire the very best photographers to capture that special day. Yet there are those very few pictures that you come across where the moment was captured perfectly. These are the pictures you want to immortalize and give prominence to, where it gets that special ability to help you remember it with fondness.

Welcoming Someone New to the Family

For many, the birth of a child is the start of something precious. Any parent can attest to how the heart is moved when looking at a picture of their child’s first sonogram, steps, or anything that was even captured at random. No matter what, it’s a tribute to that little life that is about to become part of yours forever.
Capturing these moments can be difficult, so all the more reason to display them in a way they come to life in nursery rooms and/or family rooms where all your special memories can be enjoyed by everyone.

Celebrating a Milestone


Finishing high school or graduating with an advanced degree is life changing. For many it’s something previous generations didn’t have access to, and so it’s wonderful to be able to share in this achievement with the people that helped make this possible. It’s also a reminder of your hard work and how it allowed you to move your life forward.
This can be a great gift to your child as they start their career and would like to have something sentimental with them in the office. It can be a personal reminder and expression to others about how important their education is to them and their families. Education is something earned and cannot be taken away from us.

Man’s Best Friend

Some say there is no unconditional love greater than that of a loving cat or dog. Pets become part of the family and we love them more and more as they grow older. We also mourn their passings and want to sometimes have something special to remind them by.
These do not merely capture the good times shared together, but also remind us how much we loved them and how they also loved us back.

A Special Milestone Birthday

Most people celebrate their birthdays and give thanks for another year each time around. Some birthdays seem more special than others, whether that’s because it’s a milestone year (i.e. thirtieth birthday, fiftieth birthday, sixty-fifth birthday, etc.), or simply because it was shared with someone very special to us or took place in a significant setting. No matter the reason, we all have those special birthdays we want to capture and remember forever.

That One Person in Your Life That Made a Difference

Most of us have a special connection with someone where the bond comes naturally, and nobody understands but the two of you. When times are hard, it can be helpful to remember an event or time in your life when that special someone was with you.
Immortalizing a significant event from this relationship in an Everscape can also be an ideal gift to a parent, grandparent, or anyone special that they can admire when they miss you. So many times, we live far away from one another, but having a 3D picture display shows you want them to remember you and really conveys just how much their time with you meant to you too.

Family Moments You Wish Could Last Forever

Parents will often complain about how fast time flies, or how they wish their children would stop growing so fast! Sometimes we’re lucky enough to capture some of the good times that really tell a story that can be cherished forever. It’s a way to remind ourselves just how lucky we are to have had these people in our lives.
We all remember that first day of school or that unforgettable family holiday. Having these events immortalized in a physical keepsake helps us travel back in time and appreciate those moments we sometimes forget about. It’s comforting to be able to draw on them, reigniting the feelings we had at the time and making it special all over again.