Immortalizing Collectables in a Unique Way

Immortalizing Collectables in a Unique Way

People from all walks of life have a passion to enjoy things that speak to their interests. These days it’s common to find groups with a large following on topics ranging from aeronautics to motorbikes, or fishing to space exploration. No matter the interest, it’s something that people invest a lot of time into both within and in their external surroundings.
Most people love to collect precious artifacts, be it from our many travels or a hobby that we’ve turned into a serious pastime. Or sometimes, we want to create spaces of creativity that are meant to promote and cultivate our collections.
In this post, we’ll explore some of the different types of collectables out there and consider ways to expand the collections, either for ourselves or as gifts for all the collectors in our lives.

Gifts for Car Lovers

Everyone knows that special someone who has a big soft spot for cars. Usually dating back into childhood, this person has always been in awe of their favorite cars, with pictures, videos, and magazines of their obsession, or events attended to see them up close and personal, let alone owning the vehicle itself.
From a slick racecar to a motorcycle, station wagon to a monster truck, the look and performance of their vehicles of interest have always held a special place in this person’s heart.
So what do you get the car enthusiast who’s seemingly already got everything to be had about their favorite model? Rather than just another static picture, consider a 3D experience that they can display and enjoy as a newly-treasured part of their ever-growing collection—an Everscape can be a unique gift for that car lover in your life.

Preserving Superhero Collectables While Enjoying Them

Anyone that’s ever visited a Comicon convention somewhere in the world can attest to the dedicated following some superheroes, characters, or comic book brands have. People that enjoy these conventions are often professional collectors of comic books, superhero figurines, and other related merchandise, or simply have a personal collection to themselves to appreciate.
Some of these items accumulate a lot of value if kept in a pristine condition and safeguarding them is extremely important. Glass display cases are a great way to lock away valuables and give the ability to enjoy them without any risk to the item whatsoever.
One thing that can be incorporated to enrich a display piece or collection would be to add something 3D to supplement it. Imagine if someone has a rare comic book that they don’t want people to touch. Preserving its integrity means you cannot open it. So, to help appreciate the story inside the comic, perhaps surround it with picture displays of the characters on stage, actors playing them, or other related live-action events. This can be a really gift for a comic collector as it brings any comic book display to life.

Halls of Fame for Sporting Legends

Sports have always been emotive for both the participants and spectators. Everyone has something invested in the sport and it’s so important to celebrate those successes. Our medals, trophies, and other sporting achievements are a proud testament to our hard work and success.
To help illicit the feeling of victory experienced, it’s a great idea to display pictures alongside those medals or trophies. It can include action shots of the final moment a key play was made, or simply the celebratory ceremony. Even pictures of the coach or team can help tell a story about that special event. Best yet, we recommend highlighting favorite shots with a 3D immersive viewing experience, ensuring those extra-special moments get their due in a collection.

Making Space Exploration Fun and Exciting

Humanity has always been fascinated by the great unknown and this includes space exploration. The quest to build rockets that can go further than ever before captures the imagination of young and old. Every discovery made by a rover, or new pictures of galaxies captured by a probe, can be something that creates even more curiosity.
Now whether you want to add to personal display of collectables or even create a space exploration museum exhibit, there are creative ways to make it even more interesting. Many people love collecting space memorabilia and would like to display it (especially if it was linked to a historical event like the moon landing) for everyone to enjoy.
For example, for those who build models, a great idea would be to display your miniature spacecrafts next to a writeup of what it is that makes this item special. You can accompany high-definition 3D Everscape displays of the spaceship, satellite, or planet next to it so that the brilliance of it is amplified.

Next-Best Thing to Visiting Famous Art Museums, Bringing Them Home to You!

Any art lover dreams to visit a famous museum in London, Paris, Amsterdam, or Tokyo. Yet for many this can only be that, a distant dream. Fortunately, with modern prints available, we’ve been able to bring the museums and the art that inspires generations into our own collections for a while now.
Whether for oneself or looking for a present for an art-appreciating friend or family member, with the technology available these days, besides art books and posters, you could even use high-definition prints in an Everscape to enhance the experience. For example, one of the museum in which the piece is housed, or perhaps of a sculpture itself, there’s now a whole new way to appreciate favorite works from afar.

Celebrating Architecture That Inspires

Property development and the architectural profession loves to celebrate human progress when it comes to buildings, architecture, and the technology that makes them better. But whether you’re a builder or simply an admirer of architecture in general, build your own display to cover the magnificence of architectural advances with the right pictures alongside things like sketches, drawings, and 3D models of buildings.
This is especially useful where maps, modeling, and presentations cannot quite capture the vision of the building in question. Pictures or artistic interpretations can easily become collectables that help build a historic storybook people can look back on and celebrate.

How Hobby Collections Can Be Made More Interesting

Airplane Model Collections

Air travel is a passion for many, and it has a rich history not always shared. Jazz up your collection by hanging some of your models from the ceiling. Then try and put some of them on shelves where you have pictures next to them of famous pilots that flew them or unique journeys they undertook that people wouldn’t normally know.

Mini Vintage Classic Car Collections (History of the Automobile)

As we mentioned earlier, so many people have a passion for cars, and this is sure to be a conversation starter when you entertain at home. Share your collection with friends and family by bringing it to life. Combine it with famous drivers, racing tracks around the world, or the history of the cars in question.
No matter the subject of a given collection, varying the types of memorabilia in it is a sure way both add to a display for everyone to enjoy, while keeping the interest alive for the collector.