The everscape Story

The everscape Story

Humanity has always been fascinated with the idea of drawing or painting events, people, or places. The advent of photography enabled those skilled enough to capture these moments themselves, while advances in digital technology has made this attainable for just about anybody today. Yet despite having more capabilities to take pictures and share them online, they nonetheless struggle to truly convey the essence of a special moment given their 2D format.

Our time is by far the most valuable commodity we have. It makes life so precious and meaningful to share with people we care for and love. We take pictures of those special moments in order to preserve them for future recollection in physical form. At everscape, we believe in telling stories through moments captured in photos by adding our magic to create magnificent 3D images that transcend time and space.

Normal 2D pictures are limited in perspective as they lack depth, and it’s often difficult to tell exactly what’s so remarkable about them as they seem so lifeless as opposed to what may have been happening in the moment in real life. This is where the everscape story begins. We saw that there was a need to give pictures that magic ingredient to help bring them to life!

An everscape Is a Work of Art

People visit museums all over the world to celebrate an artist’s ability to create a picture that tells a story and moves human emotions. Artists try to take something like a simple photograph and capture it in such a way that it gains the ability to connect with the viewer and give a sense of life.

everscape is a revolutionary museum-like show piece for your photos, using specially-manufactured glass that works in conjunction with our image-processing technology (AI) to convert standard 2D pictures into highly immersive 3D works of art that bring them to life. Our unique everscape technology enhances the depth and creates a tangible immersive experience that you simply cannot get from a regular photo—it’s a unique experience that’s difficult to put into words.

This viewing experience allows you to enhance certain picture elements that move as you move, making it extraordinary. It allows you to go back to that moment (special memory of your wedding, graduation, birthday, etc.) or it helps someone else appreciate the richness of the memory. This is the same experience or everlasting connection we can get when looking at artwork.

Giving the Gift of Time

It’s becoming more challenging to think of a gift that is thoughtful and unique, especially if it’s for that special someone you know that already has everything.

While a photo can’t give time itself back, it can capture moments in time and thus give an insight into the past. Technology has certainly helped progress how we take and share our pictures, but hasn’t made much difference in how we view and appreciate them. Being able to take a picture is simple, but not all of us are professional photographers with the talent to capture and depict things with that special essence. Social media makes us drown in content which dilutes our ability to share pictures with special meaning.

Whether you are shopping for a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or holiday gifting - a 3D everscape is the perfect gift for someone that already has everything, but would appreciate something that is of high quality, unique, and timeless. Place your personalized 3D everscape picture on an office desk, entrance hall, or coffee table so that whoever passes by can take a moment to appreciate it, becoming an immersive experience of a special moment in time.

Whether your everscape is gift to yourself or a loved one, you’ll get to enjoy a truly unique and never-before-seen piece of art that commemorates, celebrates, and creates an everlasting connection to your memories.